Absolutely nobody.

I've had high expectations of this movie. Maybe that was the problem, as  it failed to deliver in any meaningful way. It is as generic as they  come.

It is a typical cliché fest revenge story, that does not know if it  wants to take itself seriously or not.  

The first act is way too long, unnecessarily long, one can say, while not really providing anything of value, certainly not entertainment value. All we learn is that the hero has a mundane life, and his acquaintances all think that he is a looser  and they have zero respect for him.

The twist if we can even call it that is one that everyone knew before we started watching the movie, so dragging out the reveal till half of the runtime is a pointless waste of everyone's time. But I guess they didn't really have much of a story to tell as it still barely hits the 90 minute mark with the credits included.

And the second act of the movie switches themes from a moody drama into an almost action comedy. Which ruins any hopes of this being a good movie. Unfortunately the final chapter devolves into complete cheesiness.

I think it could've been great, with better direction and sticking to  the serious tone. You can't start your movie as a bourne flick and then switch to being Kingsman halfway through.

On a positive note Bob Odenkirk is more believable as an action hero than I expected going into it. It is not him that fails the movie, it is the writing and direction.

I'll give it a generous 4 out of 10.  It is not terrible, I'm not  telling you to avoid it at all costs, just don't expect more than a  mediocre movie on the equalizer formula.