This will be a quickfire review of this Netflix film, which is basically Highlander, with a twist. Instead of trying to kill each other the invincible work together for the betterment of humanity. Or at least what they think would help.

I'm not going to beat around the bush. it was not that great. Seemed like a back door pilot for a series. But it didn't present a premise that would make me want to watch a series based on this concept.

Oddly enough the weakest part was Theron herself, her acting was ridiculously lazy and unconvincing. She didn't care about this job at all. You can't say it more clearly than this: I'm just here to collect the paycheck.

Plus the gang of immortals looks like a pack of junkies, not what you'd expect from 1000 year old warriors of justice. They look sickly and weak, I'd have imagined that over hundreds of years of combat they would have trained their bodies to be the perfect weapons. It's not like they don't still get hurt, so being good would still be very beneficial to them.

Just because you can survive anything, doesn't mean you must enjoy getting shot. They are completely careless in combat, and use getting shot as a tactic instead of trying to avoid it entirely.

The twist is that their immortality is on a time limit, randomly they will just stop auto-healing at one point but nobody knows when. I could not have come up with a more arbitrary rule than this, I guarantee if this was actually a natural occurrence this is not how it would work.

Still it had a few enjoyable action scenes and some suspense, so it wasn't a total waste of time.

  • story: 5/10 - There is some mystery to their origins and past
  • visuals: 6/10 - Nothing special but not bad
  • acting: 3/10 - General disinterest from the actors, no great performances
  • direction / editing: 5/10 - Some decent action

Overall: 4/10 - Yeah I think it is better than Extraction 2, deal with it.