I want to clear something up

In order to better understand how I judge games and other entertainment products I want to clear some things up.

I want to clear something up

OK, no, not that thing, that was a joke.

I want to clear up how I formulate my reviews and why.

I'll usually start by giving a quick glimpse or summary that foreshadows my thoughts on the game.

Then in the second part I explain the premise in general terms trying to avoid spoilers.

In the third segment I describe things about the game that annoyed me, and things that I liked about it.

You'll often see me going off on tangents talking about my own background and how the game relates to me. That is not my attempt at exhibitionism. In order for you to understand why I like some aspects, you need to know my acquired tastes as biases. Otherwise when I say I liked this or that it will be meaningless to you. As there is no guarantee that my likes and dislikes are overlapping with yours.

After this essay part I'll give a quick summary of the positives and negatives of the product, occasionally adding short descriptions of the problems to the list. As I might not have touched on everything in the essay part that I list here.

Then the final part is the scoring.

Which is an assessment of a game's important aspects, I sometimes change the list based on what's applicable to the game.

Here is an example:

graphics/realization*: 10/10
story/atmoshpere: 9/10
gameplay/controls: 9/10

overall impression: 7/10

The overall score is not meant to be an average of the individual scores  I give to graphics / gamplay / etc. It is the overall impression of the game, and not the sum of its parts. Here is how the overall score  should be interpreted:

  1. Absolute shit, avoid at all cost
  2. Really bad game, no redeeming value at all
  3. Bad game, that some still might find interesting
  4. Worse than average, has some serious flaws, but you can still get some enjoyment out of it
  5. Completely average game, it does what it advertises and nothing more.
  6. Better than average, good quality game, which shines on a few points
  7. Good game, that should not be missed if you like the genre
  8. Very good game, that's a must have
  9. Great game, that is truly awesome
  10. Ground breaking, genre re-defining, mindblowing.

*By realization I mean how well the game is made, how bug-free and optimized it is, and other technical aspects of it.

Sometimes at the end of each review I'll write one two closing lines either urging you to stay clear or to go for the game.

That's all folks!

/Of course this is not law, just a general formula, I reserve the right to break my own rules, and I already did in some reviews on the site/