No post for a long time, and this is not the gaming stuff either, so if you want that you are out of luck.

I just watched Escape From LA. and I loved it. I actually forgot how good Hollywood was when their goal was to entertain and not to educate the common folk about their own toxicity.

But I digress. Escape From L.A. is a brilliant amalgamation of matte paintings and scenes from the dark ages of CGI. And I still love it. Because it is honest, not pretentious. This is probably the oldest movie I've seen to use fully CGI scenes, and it looks terrible, but who cares? We seem to have forgot the purpose of matte paintings and visual effects, their goal was never to look real, but to convey the idea of what is going on to the viewer.  You have suspension of disbelief, this is a better use of it, than glossing over stupid writing.

When I first saw the movie probably over 20 years ago, I did not like it as much as Escape from New York, I don't know why, I zoned out at the street parade bit. Rewatching it now as an adult I think I actually prefer it over Escape from New York. It is better paced, and more fun. And who would've thought that it will get one thing right about the future, that the US will have babbling fools as presidents.

It's pointless to think about scores and points, this movie is pure and shows what Hollywood has lost over the years.