Might as well call it Uncharted 5, as this film is structured like a videogame.
It switches from location to location as you go between the levels of an oldschool adventure game.

Even the graphics... excuse me, the visual effects seem like they are from a videogame, they are not very realistic.

Despite of this I'm not saying this is a terrible movie. Au contraire, it was enjoyable on a very neutered and safe kind of way. Meaning it is as pg-13 as it gets. And all the comedy is very safe and unoffensive.

Red Notice is like a tight wire act, it gets dangerously close to  overdoing the cheesiness and dry humour, but somehow manages to  re-balance itself time after time. Just as you start frowning at it, it does something to make you forget and forgive.

However The Rock is kind of miscast in this. That's about the biggest complaint I have for this flick. I've heard from insiders, that the Rock  is literally taking every role. Well maybe he shouldn't take all of  them, lest he ends up as Nicolas Cage.

And for an unpopular opinion, there is a line where Ryan Reynolds'  character says you look awful  to Gal Gadot, and of course this is  supposed to be a meta joke, but I did actually think she didn't look her  best in the movie. All soft and mushy, not as fit as she was in Wonder  Woman. Which might be due to the delays in shoots and her recent pregnancy interfering with each other, IDK.

You want to say I'm a bigot, I see it in your face, yes through the internet, don't look around for the camera, you'll never find it. The only job of an actor is acting out a part on screen and to look the part. If I'm a bigot for expecting them to be dedicated to their jobs, that makes them millions of dollars for a few weeks of their time, then I wear that label proudly.

But I digress, Red notice is a light version of a light heist movie with a flavour of indiana jones, and a trickle of spy stuff on top, that also happens to include a prison escape and a buddy comedy. So basically all in one. Which of course guarantees that it does nothing exceptionally well, just good enough.

You could say it's ripping off  everything, but it's better to view it as parodying everything.

Visuals: 5/10
Cinematography: 6/10
Acting: 6/10
Story: 5/10
Overall: 6/10

Verdict: It's worth watching.