Is there such a famine of good action movies, that even watered bread seems like a feast now?

Unfortunately the answer is yes. At least that's how I see the reception of this movie, that is being praised left and right by the same pundits who think Netflix is the antichrist. But is this movie really as good as they say?

It is passable, there is nothing that is specifically bad about it, but there is nothing particularly good either. It is as run of a mill as it gets as far as B league action movies go. It is predictable, uses the same old clichés everybody knows. Of course this doesn't mean it can't be good still, but somehow this movies manages to balance itself so precariously on mediocrity that I can't point to anything about it that I liked.

Everything you see here, has been done, and done much better before. We have ourselves a new gold standard for being average in every way. The action is average, the cinematography first seems cool, but soon becomes cheesy with the camera flying all around the place among mediocre CGI vehicles and poor CGI explosions.

The story is often nudged forward by extremely convenient reasons, for the writers that is.  That you better not ask questions about, lest you unravel the entire thing.

There is barely any setup for anything in this movie, things are just brought up as they are needed, which makes them ex machina, which could've been avoided with some good backstory setups. But the runtime is already padded to almost two hours, which is a wonder in of itself since there isn't really that much story being told.

The acting is the same as everything else in the movie: unremarkable. I can neither recommend or tell you to avoid this flick. I guess it is safe to watch. You'll forget it by the next day anyway.

Visuals: 5/10
Cinematography: 5/10
Acting: 5/10
Story: 5/10
Overall: 5/10

Verdict: Completely forgettable.