In a not entirely unexpected, but still disappointing turn of events. In a  interview given to pcgamesn developers of Shadow Warrior 3, have revealed that they are going as woke as they can get with the upcoming release.

They are redesigning Lo Wang as a young hipster, who instead of popping inappropriate jokes, will operate with popcult references and avoid offending anyone.

When re-designing Lo Wang we made a conscious decision to update him as a  younger, more switched on character that would be more appealing to  today’s audience and shifted the humour more toward pop cultural  references that Players can relate to, like movies and video games.  Humour is an integral part of the series, and we never want to lose  that, but both we and Devolver agreed back in 2012 that much of the  “humour” in the original game simply doesn’t belong in the games we make  today.

In other words, instead of going to appeal to their actual audience, they are trying to appeal to twitter and resetera.

I don't know about you but for me the only thing that set Shadow Warrior apart were the jokes and the style of Wang. If they take that away, nothing of worth is left. Not that a woke game would be worth playing even if it had some things going for it.

I don't know what will it take for these "developers" to finally realize that going woke means going broke. And blaming gamers for their own failure at making a marketable product only nets them twitter shares, but not profits.

Scratch another one off the list for 2020...