Exclusively games is dead. And I don't think it's coming back. You might have hated the idea, or loved it, but in the end a decent enough core membership came together there who all loved games.

I was expecting this, but it happened before I could take action. I was planning on starting a backup forum for the few active members who were still holdouts on EGS.

But now I suspect it is too late. But if by some miracle a few of you made it over here, please make yourself known by commenting on this article. If there is demand I still might set up a temporary replacement forum.

As for EGS, I was always very skeptical of the project. I don't want to say I told you so, but I told you so. I had one hope. If thequartering aka. Jeremy could have hired someone competent to run the site it could've been great. But from my vantage point it seemed nobody was running the site. He hired some people to design it and code it, but then didn't hire a creative director, only low level clickbait producers who didn't seem very passionate or good at their job. So to me the main site was DOA. A lot of more talented writers didn't even get a reply when they tried to apply for a position.

So now the search continues for another gaming forum that is not governed by partizan politics...