You might have heard that CDPR announced yet another delay for Cyberpunk 2077 today, and frankly that bothers me less than the TLOU2 delay bothered me.

It seems that after Mass Effect Andromeda the tubers have found another game to pick on: The Last of Us Part II. As I mentioned I despise nothing more than hypocrisy. And the way the anti SJW camp can't get over TLOU2 is mighty hypocritical.  It's a self perpetuating outrage machine. Nobody even saw the game yet, but boy have they all been busy trying to discredit, ridicule, defame, and cancel the game since even before the leaks, when many of them never intended to play it to begin with. I don't know how they don't see the double standard when they constantly call out SJWs for not being actual buyers.  

I was looking forward to playing this game since the very first trailer dropped. I really tried to avoid the leaks but unfortunately it was impossible. Even without directly seeing the leaked material it was easy to deduce the gist of it by the reactions alone.

I do think Sony/Naughty Dog mishandled the situation, and they brought down the mighty Streisand effect on themselves. But I don't think their intent was to hide things. I believe they were trying to spare their actual customers from the spoilers.

As for the leaked major plot points you know what? It didn't make me cancel the pre-order, in fact it made me more excited for the game, not less. Don't look at me like some heretic. To me the best part of the first game was when we played as Ellie.

I might be alone in that, IDK, but that part felt much more emotional, and thrilling.

Regardless I don't let 'influencers' from any side dictate to me what to think about any game. I'll make up my own mind.  

Now I'll discuss the spoilers as I see them. So if you somehow managed to avoid them thus far and want to stay pure and untouched like a virgin, don't read ahead.

Mind you I didn't actually see the spoilers, or read them, or have been told directly. This is what I think is going on based on the negative reactions I saw. Please don't correct me if I'm wrong, I don't want to know, I'd rather find out from the game.

  1. I'm 100% sure that the main villains in the game are some sort of religious fanatics.
    I understand the outrage on part of actual right wing religious people to this, but it does not bother me one bit. I'm an atheist.  
  2. About 10% sure the leader of this group is a trans person? Which I agree is a bit out there, it makes little sense, but then again we don't know what type of religion are we talking about perhaps it's not classical christianity which would be incompatible with open gayness. Or I might have got this completely wrong.
  3. 99% confident that Joel will be killed very early in the game much like Tess in the first game, who I also liked, but there were no outrage mobs about her death for some reason.  I know, I know you get more time to bond with Joel, but still this is not an automatic negative. After all Mordin is killed in ME3. So this doesn't mean anything in of itself.
  4. 50% that Joel will be actually killed by one of the other protagonists, possibly someone named Abby, who might or might not be the same character featured in the trailers. Yeah this is a bit messy, but to cite Mass Effect again, you can end up taking a path on which you kill both Wrex and Mordin by your own hands.
  5. 5% I'm paraphrasing: Joel is turned into some soy infused timid apologetic white guilt ridden burlap sack of turds. I heard this on oneangrygamer so I don't give much credit to it, it's probably just hot air.
  6. 33% that we'll have other player characters apart from Joel and Ellie, if Joel is even a player character this time around.
  7. Some gay romance between Ellie and some Iranian, which quite frankly isn't even worth mentioning as it was in one of the official trailers, but it is the original source of the sjw pandering accusations. I don't think anything about this a gay romance in of itself doesn't mean anything. Outer Worlds had it, and I didn't mind it.