Your very own Voyager Episode

/reproduced from IMDB, where I originally submitted this close to 20 years ago/

Yep, that's right, that is what this game is. At least it felt like that for me. Through the whole play-through I felt like I was taking active part in a real episode of the show. And one of the better ones at that.

However I wouldn't recommend the game to someone who is not a devoted Voyager fan, because that's the real value in it. The references to the show, and the characters that we became so fond of in seven years. And almost all the major characters appear in the game, voiced by the actors who actually played them in the series, so that's a big plus. Usually they don't pay attention to this in VG adaptations. Especially in a game this old, when the budget of video games were a fraction of what it is today.

If you haven't played the game back when it came out, and you're a big fan of the show, I'd recommend that you give it a try, even though the graphics are dated. But hey, its a fair price to pay to be able to roam freely in voyager's corridors (this feature only becomes available after you install the latest patch for the game) Also if you can look past the graphics there is a very decent storyline, which would've made an excellent two-hour episode for the real show too.

Unfortunately the game-play can be a bit boring at times towards the end, but its worth fighting your way through, for those very special Voyager moments.

8 out of 10