Well, here it is, I found it, the worst game of 2017.

So I was stupid. I should have known that a game this new selling for this low price with all DLCs and season pass included ($10) has got to be garbage. But I didn't think. Or rather I thought, well it's a sniper game how bad can it be? Spoiler alert: very. Honestly I can't even be bothered to finish this game it is so terrible, so this will be just a quickie.

I was expecting an open world shooter game similar to Wildlands. Well it's kind of open world, but not really. The game constantly holds your hand, you can't do anything but go exactly where it tells you when it tells you, and shoot who it tells you, from the exact location it tells you, when it tells you. At first I thought nah, it must be just the tutorial mission, it will surely be different when the real action begins. But it's not.
And if that wasn't enough. The physics is non existent, wildlands is a professional simulation compared to this garbage as far as vehicles go. And I still can't get over the fact that going over rough terrain with the buggy makes a sound like there is a huge battle going on in the background. I honestly thought when I first heard it that "at least the game world is alive, there is a battle going on independent from the player" then I slowly realized that's not a battle, that is the sound the suspension of the buggy makes.

But that's not all. The game is running on cryengine, which I began to take as a bad omen. Because as nice as crytek games can look using that engine.3rd party devs usually suck at tapping that potential. Which is as much of a fail on behalf of the engine as the devs using it, because it probably means it's either very hard to tune properly or the documentation and example library is lacking.
So yes, the game looks terrible. The quality is reminiscent of games from the 90s. Honestly that's more of an insult to 90s games than this. Unreal (1) had better atmosphere. Maybe I'm being overly dramatic, but this graphics is definitely not worthy of an AAA game. Maybe I misunderstood and this is not an AAA game? Well, I could excuse the graphics then, but not the other things.
Gunplay is bland as hell, you look trough a scope and aim where it tells you, seems to have zero ballistics simulation, just an offset for bullet drop, and wind, and the bullet doesn't even seem to fly on a realistic trajectory. Effects seems like a constant rather than increasing over distance as bullets decelerate. Wildlands might not have had wind effects, but bullet drop was better modeled in it. It's easy to hit in this game, too easy, even on the hardest difficulty where there is no visual aid. And it tells you that the hardest difficulty you are killed by one hit. Then I can easily drive trough enemy camps showered in bullets just going on my merry way unharmed.

But that's still not the biggest sin of the game. The biggest sin has to be, the clichés. Both the characters and the story are cardboard cutouts, from a cliché book. I honestly can't think of a more 2 dimensional cookie cutter set of characters, and the story is completely unoriginal as well. Every fucking sin from every fucking typical B movie is in this garbage. And all delivered by the most uninspired, bland, monotone VO ever to penetrate my ears. Oh, and the visual character design is hilarious. I honestly thought that it was a girl until it started talking in the intro. WTF? In which universe could that pass off as a boy? And you get introduced to the main characters trough the most annoying, obnoxious, irritating banter ever. I couldn't figure out if the characters were supposed to be jerks or it was just bad writing. Either way it's a sin. But I instantly hated them both, so good job game, now I want to kill the characters who I'm supposed to root for. And don't get me started on the shoehorned in love interest. Well actually the entire character is shoehorned in. What idiots wrote this story? You're free to make the characters fit the narrative, but you immediately back yourself into a corner and come up with stupid shit and have to break suspension of disbelief to bring a character into the story, which shouldn't have been necessary at all if you didn't have to write the most prohibitive backstory ever for her. Bah. Fuck this game.


  • No redeeming value at all.  


  • Ugly graphics  
  • Bad writing  
  • Annoying characters  
  • Bad visuals  
  • Terrible VO  
  • Bad sound design  
  • Bad gunplay
  • Nonexistent physics  
  • Too easy (on hardest difficulty)  
  • Stupid cliche-fest of a story, where the writers keep backing themselves into corners, and escaping trough convoluted mind numbing idiocies.  

Scoring chart:

graphics/realization: 3/10
story/atmosphere: 0/10
gameplay/controls: 7/10

Overall impression: 3/10

What has been seen cannot be unseen.