You think I'm being overly dramatic? Wrong. There are no words to express the disappointment I felt after playing the Open Beta of Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

This was my most anticipated game of the year, and I had some reservations about it, that it might have some annoying issues at start, but I never expected this. They turned the game into Assassin's Creed: Division.

I'm not joking, this is a looter shooter with heavy RPG elements now. And of course microtransactions, lots of microtransactions. Because of course players are asking for those. Ubisoft is just giving us what we want: MORE ways to spend money in games we purchased for $60-90. On time savers. Yeah you heard it right, everything is for sale in this game, apart from the usual bragging rights cosmetic microtransactions, you can buy outright XP, in-game currency, weapons, upgrades, attachments, literally everything you'd otherwise have to grind for in game.

They are no longer even trying to hide the fact that this game is pay to win. Never mind the grind, if the game is at least fun, I ground my way trough AC: Odyssey as well, because it was fun, and the fighting was well designed.

Well, not in this game. The only things that are not worse in Breakpoint than Wildlands are the things they didn't touch. Except for the animations for transitioning between standing, crouched and prone positions. That's it. Everything else they lay their hands on turned into a turd.

As opposed to Wildlands' living breathing world, the map now is completely devoid of life apart from some wildlife. That you're not even allowed to hurt. So what do we get in place of tons of civilians and traffic? We get randomly and blatantly spawned enemies everywhere. You're on a peninsula with no other way in apart from the one you're on and you think you're safe? Fuck you, we spawn enemies behind you! Take that, moron solo player! How dare you want to play the game solo anyway?

We told you to form a group or join one, haven't we? We don't like your kind here at ubisoft, entitled gamer who wants to just buy the game it and play it! And without engaging in our cleverly laid out plans of monetary entrapment!

Message received loud and clear. My heart breaks as wildlands was my GOTY 2017, but I'll not be purchasing Breakpoint. It has more in common with the division and AC: Odyssey than it has with wildlands. And I don't want a looter shooter social hub game, mixed with leveling and grinding for XP and weapon tiers and upgrades.

I don't understand why do they think it is a good idea to make every single one of their games exactly the same. I bet some of the code in breakpoint is copy&pasted from AC:Odyssey, and The Division 2.

Let's see what they ruined:


  • Helicopter controls (again)
  • Car controls
  • Graphics (blurry bland mess)
  • Selectable faces
  • Customization
  • Social hub
  • weapon tiers
  • enemy tiers
  • rpg elements
  • empty lifeless map
  • randomly spawning enemies
  • a bore
  • no immersion
  • nagging to play coop
  • removal of ai teammates
  • confusing objectives
  • even more confusing menu


  • whatever little they left untouched

It's so sad, because deep down there is still the game that I loved, but it is buried under so much crap, that it is no longer worth it for me to wade trough to get to it.

Maybe a year 2 purchase for $15.00 after they added ai team back in. They said it will be added later, probably a year later. And with little hope they might even add back classic helicopter controls again.

Thus passes the glory of the world