I decided to give the demo a go to see if the game is anything I'd want. Long story short: It's not. Certainly not at this price tag.

Resident Evil 2 has been remade into a TPS game, or rather into a third person walking simulator. I can't really find any specific fault with the remake. If not the fact that it feels dated regardless of the graphics overhaul, and the new perspective.

Unfortunately they weren't straight up about the demo, it's not really as far as you can get in 30 minutes, because the demo has a point where it simply ends. Which I easily reached in about 25 minutes while taking my time, playing at a snails pace.

Basically everything in the game is happening like it's slow motion all the time. At first I shot the zombies, but then I realized I can simply walk away from them no problem. Therefore in about 5 minutes the entire game lost it's scare value. As the zombies are basically walking decoration, they're completely harmless. It takes some doing to get killed, even if you try.

I really expected this demo to kick ass and make me want this, but it really doesn't, in fact it made me less interested, not more.

Granted I don't remember much about the original RE2, so nostalgia factor is not winning them points with me.  But in my faint memories the original is living as a pretty challenging game. This is not challenging at all. At least not based on the demo.

The graphics is decent, for a remake, but nothing to write home about.

The fact that they're asking full price for this is simply ridiculous. I'd have gladly paid $15 for it, or possibly even $20, but certainly not $60.

Even if I try to imagine myself in the shoes of a hardcore RE fan, I'd rather play the original than this.