There are lots of once great game franchises that I think are ought to be revived by someone. I'm not going to go into potential rights issues and disbanded developers. Let that be someone else's problem for now, this will be just a list of games and franchises that were out of sight and thought for far too long in my opinion.

So without further ado let's delve into it.

  1. Soldier of Fortune
    I was still in high school when this game was popular, and it was famous for one thing: The realistic and gruesome depiction of gore and dismemberments. As far as I know this is the only video game where you could see intestines hanging out of fallen enemies.  But the game and its later sequel was actually good first person shooters, these games weren't one trick ponies.  
    As for the gore, I always was of a mind that downplaying gore in games is a mistake. It is not the gore that is evil, it is the act of killing. So why is it OK to depict murder in games if you don't show the gore? I think that is counter intuitive. Instead of shielding people from the gruesome consequences of shooting a person it should be fully represented for shock value and to emphasise how serious of an act it is.  The more realism the better.
    That's why I think SOF should make a comeback, the value in seeing the weak minded politically correct squirm would be worth it alone.
  2. Interstate '76
    I hope I don't have to introduce this game, as it is the alpha and omega of vehicular combat games. Destroy, salvage, upgrade: The three words I want to hear from any game involving a personal vehicle. The franchise has been all but forgotten after the relative failure of the game's sequel, which I never actually played so I can't confirm or deny if it was bad or not. The last good vehicular combat game I played was Mad Max, and it was awesome. There is much potential here.
  3. Desert Strike
    The time of top down isometric games might have ended with the advent of 3D graphics accelerators. As Nuclear Strike wasn't a great success as the first of the series to use 3D acceleration. But it was a fun and action packed game still, even if a bit different than the originals. It is time for a revival, I want helicopter combat games galore. I don't mind if it is not top down, just be fun and rewarding to play.
  4. Heretic / Hexen
    It seems to me that Daikatana failed so hard that it killed the entire genre of fantasy themed first person shooters. But perhaps there is no connection between the two. Still I think there is room for First Person Fantasy Action games, that is are not RPGs!
  5. Command & Conquer
    Let's not beat around the bush C&C has been dead to me since Generals Zero hour. While Red Alert 3, was an OK game, OK is not gonna cut it for this franchise. I don't know who could make a good C&C game, and I don't mean the low effort cash grab re-release of the classics or some P2w mobile garbage. But it needs to happen.
  6. X-Wing
    A space combat sim is wanted, and what is better than a Star Wars space combat sim? X-Wing Alliance is one of the best games of all time, and it is now over 20 years old. RIP Totally Games, and RIP Lucasarts.
  7. Dark Forces
    Kyle Katarn where are thou now? This series was one of the most immersive adaptations of a movie franchise to videogame format when it was released. It's high time to revive the series it has been 16 years since the last entry. I still remember fondly the adventures, and the difficulty of Mysteries of the Sith.
  8. Voyager Elite Force
    What can be better than  a Star Wars themed FPS? A Star Trek themed one. Elite Force never got the recognition it deserved, it was one of if not the best game built on the Q3 engine.  We need another Elite force, just forget the kelvin timeline.
  9. Splinter Cell
    OK, this one hasn't been dead for that long, but 6 years is long enough if we talk about one of my favorite secret agents. Admittedly the last three entries were a bit rough around the edges in this series, but they were still enjoyable games.  But of course the dreaded "failed to meet sales expectations" phrase was already claiming casualties back then and Splinter Cell have been one. It is doubtful if we ever see a Splinter Cell game ever again. And if the Sam Fisher Mission in Wildlands was an attempt from Ubisoft to test the waters, I'm telling them right now, they are doing it wrong! I love Splinter Cell to death, but I hate live service games, so I didn't play that mission.
  10. Test Drive
    Before NFS there was Test Drive, and Test Drive Unlimited is still the best street racing game ever released. It needs a modern follow up, that is about the love of fast cars and driving in beautiful sceneries and living the good life virtually. TDU had all this. All modern NFS after Porsche are POS comparatively. Whic is no surprise because NFS:Porsche and TDU were developed by the same studio. Just as Raven worked on both Star Trek and Star Wars games. But at least Raven is still around in some form, Eden Games weren't so lucky.
  11. Gran Turismo
    Polyphony digital has betrayed not just long standing GT fans, but also PS4 owners. Because it seems there won't be a proper game released on PS4 with the PS5 looming just around the corner and GT7 hasn't even been announced yet. It's a damn shame. No, don't say the name that shall not be spoken.