Command & Conquer : Tiberian Sun (1999)

Command & Conquer : Tiberian Sun (1999)

I don't even know why I though it would be a good idea to replay this part of the series. It is after all the second most criticized part in the tiberium saga apart from twilight. The criticisms were mainly focused around the fact that the game is too focused on base building instead of attacking and fighting. And that the game is very slow paced due to this.

Well that is partly true, the game is slow paced, but it is due to the fact that resource gathering speeds seem very slow compared to previous games. And the units and buildings cost more to build. But it's your own damn fault if you get bogged down building a base, as there is no point to building up large bases with walls and gates and such, because the enemy no longer goes around walls they just make a hole in it wherever they are stopped by a wall.

The GDI campaign seems quite easy, as the enemy doesn't really commit many units to attacking you in early missions. And later in the campaign you get access to units that are way overpowered like the orca bomber or disruptor tank. The only unit the enemy has that can give a little headache is the artillery with it's long range. But apart from that the biggest challenge of the game is the goddamn awful pathfinding. Your units have to be constantly micromanaged not to get lost or choose extremely stupid routes to their destination, and more units get killed due to friendly fire than enemy attacks.

The last mission is only harder because enemy buildings get rebuilt instantly. just like in the original.

The story is not much, and despite having better quality actors, the acting is still terrible. Like they did this project between two movies during lunch break. Despite being known actors they are not doing a better job than the noname cast of Tiberian Dawn.

What's good about this type of game is despite it's age the graphics doesn't look all that dated. Like 3D games of the era. But don't worry, the lack of widescreen resolution support and the bad quality of the cutscenes will remind you how old the game is actually.

I also finished the NOD campaign, which I have to say is much better, the missions are better, even the cutscenes and the acting in said cutscenes is better. Not to mention that the units are much more to my liking as well.

I also tried the expansion: Firestorm, but it's not what I wanted. It's full of deliberately biased missions, where you have so many restrictions and so little margin for error, that it's no fun. And I want to have fun playing and not get frustrated.

Like you have to defeat the enemy within a time limit but you're restricted in what you can build and the enemy has a guard tower on every 2 inches of the map, thanks but no thanks. One or the other, but not both.


  • C&C  
  • Gameplay  
  • Graphics stood up well  


  • Easy
  • Pathfinding  
  • Due to the high cost of units and slow resource gathering there are long actionless gaps in the gameplay
  • Some missions are skippable (I don't know what is the purpose of this)
  • Overpowered gdi units.  

graphics : 8/10
concept : 10/10
realization: 6/10
story: 3/10
gameplay: 8/10
controls: 9/10

Overall imperession: 6/10